Himalayan Goji Juice – 1 ltr

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In remote regions like the Himalayas, a 100-year life expectancy isn’t uncommon. It’s here that some of the world’s longest living people regularly consume the goji berry, which many believe is the most powerful food.

Rich in bioactive Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP), Himalayan Goji® Juice is the original standardized goji juice.


Who it’s for: Anyone seeking a convenient way to support overall health.

What it does: Provides high levels of antioxidants for immune system support and more.

What Sets This Product Apart?  

Quality assured with our exclusive Spectral Signature fingerprinting technique.

Main Ingrediens/Benefits 

Goji berry Know to help support the immune system, improve sleep quality, support optimal energy, protect the eyes, and promote skin health. 1
Grape juice concentrate May help boost immune system function.2
Pear juice concentrate Containing high levels of fiber, it helps maintain healthy digestion may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 3
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